What is the Cost of Dental Implants?

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Because dental implants are fashioned to each individual, the cost of dental implants varies from patient to patient. The overall cost is based on a variety of factors, such as the amount of tooth loss, type of restoration chosen, and if any preliminary procedures are required. While the initial implant cost has a higher out of pocket expense than traditional restorations, because of their durability and effectiveness, dental implants are considered a great investment into your oral health.

We strive to keep costs down to make dental implants more affordable. When meeting with you, Dr. Denes will discuss the treatment and costs involved in detail, so that you are well prepared and can plan your budget accordingly. To learn more about the factors involved in the cost of dental implants, please read on. You can also schedule a personalized consultation at our Fresno, CA office by requesting an appointment online or calling 559-297-1294.

Doctor’s Experience

The doctor’s experience and educational background will affect the cost of your dental implant procedure. A more qualified doctor will be better equipped at dental implant placement and come at a higher price point than someone new to placing dental implants. When considering who to place your dental implants, it’s important to select a doctor who is well trained, such as Dr. Denes, in order to achieve a successful outcome. Going with someone inexperienced may save you money initially, but it could lead to complications that would require additional surgeries and retreatment, costing you more time, energy, and money.

Preliminary Treatments

The longer you wait to replace your missing teeth, the greater chance you have of needing preliminary procedures, such as bone grafting or sinus lift surgery. Because dental implants are surgically inserted into your jawbone and designed to integrate with nearby tissues, they need a solid foundation. When a significant amount of time lapses after tooth loss, the jawbone can begin to recede and regenerate. If you require bone grafting, it will not only increase the cost of your treatment but add time to your recovery.

Extent of Tooth Loss

A patient who only has one missing tooth can expect a lower treatment cost than someone who is missing an entire arch of teeth. Depending on the amount of teeth you are missing, you can select a dental crown, bridge, or denture to be supported by dental implants. The materials chosen to fabricate your restoration will also affect the overall cost.

We offer competitive pricing and frequently provide dental implant placement specials to make care more affordable. Right now a single dental implant can be placed for $1250. That price includes a CBCT diagnosis and surgical guide planning. If you have PPO dental insurance, most insurance companies will cover at least 50 percent of the cost since it is considered major dental work. Our front office staff will also work with your insurance company to ensure you receive maximum compensation.

Type of Dental Implant

Not all dental implants are created equal. We work with some of the best brands in the industry, including Nobel Active, Straumann, and BlueSkyBio to ensure our patients receive the best possible results. Costs can vary amongst the different brands. Dr. Denes will discuss the pros and cons of each to help you decide which is better suited for you.


While dental implants can be placed under local anesthesia, we also offer oral conscious sedation for those who desire it. Although it will be an added cost, it will allow you to relax throughout the entire procedure.

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To determine what the cost of dental implants would be for you, please setup a personalized consultation with our Fresno, CA office by calling us at 559-297-1294 or requesting an appointment online.


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