A Conservative Option: Implant-Retained Bridge

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implant-retained bridgeThough humans can retain all of their teeth for a lifetime, most do not. As you age, you may begin to lose teeth to disease or damage. Understandably, missing teeth can be embarrassing, particularly if spaces show when you smile and talk. Tooth loss can also create keep you from enjoying social events, such as dining out or speaking to new acquaintances. Missing teeth can also cause difficulties with eating and speaking. With the help of an implant-retained bridge, Dr. Denes can replace lost teeth so you will regain confidence in your smile and proper oral function.

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Why Choose a Bridge?

A bridge is a wonderful solution for people who have lost one or more teeth. Traditionally, bridges are attached by dental crowns. To hold a bridge solidly in position, two crowns are formed at either end of the prosthetic. Dr. Denes will place porcelain crowns over healthy teeth on either side of the space where teeth were lost. Once the crowns are attached, the new bridge should function well and look great for ten years or longer.

Some people do not want healthy teeth altered. Instead, they opt for an implant-retained bridge or single implant to replace lost teeth.

What Is an Implant-Retained Bridge?

With an implant bridge, instead of placing crowns over healthy teeth for support, Dr. Denes will implant one or two biocompatible titanium bases into your jawbone at strategic locations, for optimal stability. Treatment requires a minor, in-office surgical procedure, and you can expect a recovery period while your jawbone fuses to the implant post(s). Even with the surgery, implant-retained bridges are a preferred option. With proper care and good oral health, dental implants can last a lifetime.

Conservative and Healthy

Implants negate the need to alter healthy teeth, since crowns are not required. Each implant helps hold the permanent bridge securely in place in the jaw, similarly to how natural teeth are retained with a root system. Because implants replace teeth roots in the jaw, the body understands that support is needed, so it makes natural efforts to maintain that healthy bone. Minerals and vitamins continue to nourish the jaw, so it will not degenerate over time. When teeth roots are not replaced with implants, the jaw begins to shrink, causing a distortion in facial structure that ages the patient’s appearance.

Dr. Denes uses excellent dental labs, so your custom-made bridge will probably look better than your original teeth. Bridges fit comfortably and will allow you the freedom to eat what you want, with full confidence. Although a bridge may feel odd in your mouth at first, you will quickly get used to it, and your speech will become clear as your tongue learns proper pronunciation with your new teeth.

Series of Events

To replace one tooth, a single implant can be secured, instead of a bridge. For two or more teeth, an implant-retained bridge attached to one or two implants will be recommended. Dr. Denes will assess the situation and determine which option is best for your unique case. After your bone has completely healed, Dr. Denes will place your custom-made bridge.

An implant-retained bridge is placed in stages. First, Dr. Denes will examine your mouth, including the jaw, gums, and teeth. We’ll take a 3D scan of your entire mouth, as well. It’s important for the dentist to study the condition of your jawbone and roots of surrounding teeth to ensure optimal results. If your jawbone is weak or unhealthy, Dr. Denes will suggest a bone graft to create new, healthy bone. This will give us a strong area to install your titanium implant(s). During a day-surgery appointment, implants will be placed into your jawbone, then you will be given plenty of time to heal before moving onto the next step.

Once Dr. Denes deems that your implants are fully integrated with your jaw, she’ll order your bridge or single tooth from the ceramists at our dental lab. Your permanent bridge will look and feel sensational!

If you are ready to find out whether and implant-retained bridge will benefit your oral health and smile, contact our Fresno, CA dental office today to schedule an appointment with one of our well-qualified dentists. Call 559-297-1294.

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