Why Choose Implant Overdentures?

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implant overdenturesFor people missing multiple or all teeth, might recommend overdentures. Like conventional dentures, overdentures replace all missing teeth on an upper or lower arch, to improve oral function and create a complete, attractive smile. Unlike conventional dentures that need an adhesive to secure them, overdentures attach to dental implants in the upper or lower jaw, making them completely stable.

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Benefits of Choosing Implant Overdentures

Conventional dentures can slip out of place and complicate eating, even with the strongest adhesives. The constant struggle and discomfort can become quite frustrating, as well as embarrassing!

Overdentures never slip, loosen, or wobble. You can enjoy more comfortable, natural chewing and feel confident eating in front of others. However, implants also promote good jawbone health.

Missing teeth cause the jaw to change shape over time. Without teeth roots to stimulate the jaw, a process called resorption occurs. The resilient and resourceful human body knows when teeth are absent from the jaw, and so it diverts calcium and phosphorous to other bones. The body assumes the jaw no longer needs to be as strong as it was when teeth were intact. With inadequate minerals, jawbone tissue degenerates and the body will reabsorb minerals from the bone. This natural and expected process of resorption does not occur when dental implants are in place, because they stimulate the jawbone so that the body continues to supply sufficient minerals. The result? The shape of the jaw remains youthful, instead of shrinking, which makes a person appear older.

Types of Overdentures

Overdentures come in three styles:

  • Implant-retained, gum supported
    • A removable overdenture that secures to implants, this overdenture rests directly on the gums and is kept in place by implants in the upper or lower jaw.
  • Bar-retained, implant supported
    • This overdenture is removable. It snaps onto a metal bar, supported by implants in the upper or lower jaw.
  • Fixed, implant supported
    • An overdenture and bar unit, fixed overdentures are removable only by an implant dentist. The appliance is screwed securely onto implants in the upper or lower jaw.

Implant Overdenture Procedure

Implant overdentures require brief day surgeries in two steps, the first of which involves placement of the implants. During the second procedure, the dentist reveals the implant heads and secures abutments, which will hold the overdenture. As with all surgeries, you will need to prepare yourself and your environment prior to treatment.

An implant dentist, like Dr. Denes, plans placement of the implant posts based on what is found on your 3D scans and intraoral images. These resources help the dentist determine the densest and most ideal locations for implant posts. Precision placement is a significant factor in the success and longevity of the prosthetic. In most cases, the patient wears a temporary denture until the next appointment.

Expect to spend 3 to 6 months wearing the temporary. During this time, bone and implants integrate, in a process called osseointegration.

At your second procedure, a small incision will be made in the gums to expose the top of each implant post. Then, Dr. Denes will permanently affix abutments to the posts. In the case of bar-retained overdenture the bar will also be secured. You’ll wear a temporary denture until your mouth fully heals.

After approximately two weeks, Dr. Denes will take a final scan of your mouth, then work with the lab to fabricate your overdentures. Shortly afterward, your new teeth will be serving you well, providing dependable chewing during meals and beautiful smiles 24/7.

Living with Implant Overdentures

Permanent and long-term, implant overdentures improve quality of life for patients who were missing all their teeth on the upper, lower, or both arches. Implant overdentures are esthetically pleasing and look like natural teeth, and they also improve overall health by allowing for better nutritional intake. The cost for dental implants and implant overdentures can vary, but over the lifetime of the implants, the benefits far outweigh the cost.

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