Dental Implants

Fresno Dental Studio provides you with the best and most modern dental treatment available today. Besides a wide variety of treatments that we provide for esthetic or functional reasons, if you have any missing teeth, implants are the right solution for you. We also want to clarify some of the myths and reluctance that we see in some uninformed patients that seek dental implants therapy.

Dental Implants Myths

Cost Analysis

Pictures of some of our cases:

Implant Central Incisor

2 Central Incisors restored with Implants

Posterior Implants

[heading style=”1″]Some Benefits for Dental Implants[/heading]
  • Proper Chewing can be done , providing chance to have food which was previously difficult to eat and chew.
  • You get rid of dentures and also get freedom from misplacing them.
  • Dental implants are clinically proven with a high success rate.
  • Rise in self confidence as dental teeth are close to natural will not move
  • Eliminate irritated and painful gums.
  • Stops your further Bone Loss.