Common Causes of Adult Tooth Loss

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fresno tooth lossThe leading cause of tooth loss among American adults is gum disease, which effects approximately 80 percent of the population. There are, however, several other causes of adult tooth loss. Today, Fresno dentists Dr. Claudia Denes and Dr. Alex Denes want to discuss these causes to raise your awareness and help you keep your natural teeth for life.

What Causes Tooth Loss?

The most common causes of tooth loss include:

  • Poor oral hygiene/dental care: Daily brushing and flossing, as well as going to the dentist for professional dental cleanings and exams every six months are the cornerstones of quality dental and oral health. When you neglect even one of these tasks, your dental and overall health can suffer. People with a fear or phobia of going to the dentist and/or receiving dental care need to be especially careful because avoiding professional dental care is a sure-fire way to fall into the trap of poor dental health. Also, don’t let finances hold you back from receiving the dental care you need and deserve. Most dentist offices offer financing plans, as well as help deciphering your dental insurance to make your dental care as affordable as possible.
  • Poor nutrition: You’ve heard the saying “you are what you eat,” and this holds true when it comes to your dental health. Sugar is the number-one enemy of your teeth, and eating healthy, crunchy fruits and vegetables actually promotes saliva flow to cleanse your mouth of sugary foods and harmful bacteria.
  • Poor habits: Habits like bruxism (teeth grinding) and smoking, and conditions like TMJ/TMD can take a toll on dental health. If you suffer from one of these—or another—oral condition, it’s necessary to seek professional dental help before the condition escalates and puts your dental health in jeopardy.
  • Contact sports: Approximately 40 percent of all sports-related injuries pertain to the face and/or mouth. For this reason, Dr. Denes recommends that an athletic mouth guard be a part of every athlete’s uniform. Ask Dr. Denes about a custom athletic mouth guard at your next dentist appointment.

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