Fresno Family Dentists Explore the Decaying of a Tooth

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tooth decayTooth decay, the disease that causes cavities (holes) to form in your teeth, affects approximately 90% of adults in America, and is the leading chronic disease among school-aged children. Yet, chances are that many of those afflicted with the disease diligently brush and floss their teeth every day, as most of us have been told to do for most of our lives. So how does tooth decay reach your tooth even in the midst of good home dental hygiene? Your Fresno family dentists, Drs. Alex and Claudia Denes, describe the beginnings of tooth decay, and why your toothbrush and floss are not always enough to stop it.

Bypassing Your Teeth’s Defenses

As destructive as tooth decay is when allowed to progress, it begins rather simply with the excessive buildup of dental plaque on your teeth. Plaque consists mainly of oral bacteria, which construct the sticky biofilm as protection against your body’s immune efforts against them. Some of these germs consume sugars and starches from your diet, and through metabolization, they produce lactic acid and secrete it across your teeth’s surfaces. The acid works to weaken your tooth enamel—the strong, highly-mineralized substance that surrounds and protects your teeth—by sapping the minerals enamel needs from your teeth. In time, enamel can grow too weak to repel bacteria, and infection and tooth decay set in soon afterwards.

A Destructive Presence

The main goal of brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice a day is to control the buildup of this plaque and the harmful processes that its bacterial content undergoes. Nevertheless, no one is perfect, and when you miss a bit of plaque, it can calcify (harden) into tartar; a more stubborn form of plaque that requires professional maintenance to remove. Visiting your dentist at least once every six months can allow us to thoroughly remove all traces of plaque and tartar from your teeth and below your gum line. Dr. Denes will also perform a comprehensive exam to search for early signs of trouble. If detected and treated early, tooth decay can be eliminated before significant damage is done to your tooth structure.

Prevent & Treat Tooth Decay with Help from Your Fresno Family Dentists

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