Implant Supported Dentures

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implant dentures

What Implant Dentures Can Do For You

Are you embarrassed by the constant clicking and slipping of your dentures? Are you unable to eat certain foods that you used to enjoy? Are your gums sore all the time? If so, implant supported dentures may be right for you. Once you’ve experienced the freedom to eat and talk without embarrassment and the improved look and feel of your teeth, you’ll wonder why you didn’t switch sooner.

What are implant dentures?

Implant supported dentures are a type of denture held in place by dental implants rather than just resting on the gums. Two or more titanium rods are inserted into the bone under the gums, and the tops of the rods are left exposed. After a period of healing, Dr. Denes will mount a denture plate onto the rods, where it will stay permanently and feel just like your real teeth.

What are the advantages of implant supported dentures?

  • Comfort. As your dentures are locked in place, there is no slippage or irritation of the gums, cheeks, tongue, or soft palate. Your dentures feel more like natural teeth, and you no longer need to deal with unpleasant adhesives.
  • Eating better. As implant supported dentures do not cover the soft palate, the taste and feel of food is enhanced, and you won’t have to worry about food getting stuck beneath your dentures. You can also enjoy foods that are harder to chew with traditional dentures.
  • Less bone loss. With regular dentures, bone loss beneath the gums occurs once the teeth have been removed because the bone is no longer being stimulated with pressure. With implants, the titanium rods continually put pressure on the bone, resulting in reduced bone shrinkage.
  • Better appearance. Implant Supported Dentures are more natural looking, and with less bone loss, the jaw does not shrink and change the appearance of the face.

Am I a good candidate?

Implant supported dentures are generally a good fit for everyone except children who are still growing. Even certain medical conditions such as heart disease and gum disease are usually not contraindications, as long as you have enough bone tissue in the jaw to support the implant. If you’re unsure if implant supported dentures are right for you, a consultation with Dr. Alex or Dr. Claudia Denes can answer all of your questions.

Contact Fresno Dental Studio today at (559) 297-1800 and take that first step in achieving the comfort and appearance you deserve from getting new implant dentures or converting your existing dentures. Drs. Claudia and Alex Denes happily serve patients in Fresno, Clovis, Madera, Sanger, Visalia, and the surrounding areas.

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