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dental implantsThanks to advancements in dentistry, more people are able to enjoy full and beautiful smiles than ever. Tooth loss, which occurs often enough for some people to believe it is natural, can have a number of devastating effects on your smile, from its appearance to the integrity of its foundation. Luckily, there are a plethora of tooth-replacement options that can help restore your smile to its former glory, or better. For instance, if you’ve lost most or all of your teeth on your upper or lower dental ridge, dentures can help replace your lost teeth and keep your smile whole. However, traditional dentures are not a perfect solution, and they often need frequent readjustments as they lose their firm grip. Fresno dentists, Dr. Alex Denes and Dr. Claudia Denes, understand the complications of dentures that no longer fit, and offer an innovative solution to attach your dentures more securely and avoid the need for readjustments.

A Changing Landscape

While dentures serve to restore your smile by replacing teeth that you’ve lost, they do not replace the teeth’s roots, which were once embedded in your jawbone. Healthy tooth roots are stimulated when you bite or chew, which signals your body to send your jaw nutrients to support those teeth. When a root is lost and the stimulation ceases, your jaw’s nutrient supply is diminished, which can lead to shrinking dental ridges as your jawbone slowly deteriorates. Because traditional dentures are custom-designed to fit your dental ridge at the time of your appointment, they will lose their comfortable fit as your jaw changes, and they’ll require a new measurement and adjustment.

Total Restoration with Dental Implants

A dental implant, which is designed to mimic a natural tooth’s root, is surgically implanted into your jawbone to resolve the issue of lost roots of teeth. The implant’s titanium shell facilitates osseointegration, or the connection of bone to a biocompatible material. Your jawbone fuses to the implant, creating a prosthetic tooth root that is as secure as your natural roots, restoring the stimulation that keeps your jawbone whole and healthy. Your dentures can be anchored to the implant(s), effectively replacing the teeth and roots that you’ve lost without the need for tedious readjustments.

Restore Your Smile in Fresno

If you’d like to upgrade your dentures, or would like to speak with us about your options for replacing lost teeth, then contact your Fresno dentists by calling Fresno Dental Studio at (559) 297-1800. Located in the 93720 area, we proudly serve patients from Fresno, Clovis, Mendota, Orange Cove, Reedley, Selma, and the surrounding areas.

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