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Components of an implant retained restoration

A lot of times we get questions from patients interested in dental implants. With success rates of over 99% dental implants have become part of modern dentistry.
It’s a fairly expensive technology due to using very high quality materials, and implant parts, but it’s something that will most likely last you for a lifetime.
We want to clarify in this post the parts to an implant restoration:
1.The actual implant that acts as a replacement root of a missing tooth
2.The abutment, which may be custom or stock (prefabricated) abutment
3.The crown on implant; in case of a bridge, there is the pontic as well(which replaces the missing tooth)
Also, in most cases a fixed bridge or crown construction is made on dental implant(s), sometimes a few implants could be used to anchor a partial of full denture.
In that case, the custom abutments are replaced by either a special bar or special single attachments that are used to secure the denture. This construction is called an implant overdenture.
If you think you may benefit of dental implants treatment, please give our office a call, we’ll be glad to help.
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Alex Denes, DDS, PhD

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