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Cost Analysis

Cost Analysis

3 unit bridge (replacing 1 missing tooth) versus single implant and crown

Cost of a bridge: at a minimum $850 per unit ($850×3), build-up for the 2 abutments ($200×2) and very likely need of root canal treatments on the 2 abutments ($900×2), makes it up to a total of $4,750. Dental insurance companies (if you have a PPO), will pay 50% of the fees, as this is considered major dental work. All insurance companies have a maximum, best case, a maximum of $2,000. So they will pay the maximum of $2,000 and you (the patient) will be responsible for the rest of $2,750.

When the bridge will need to be replaced, the expense will be incurred again entirely. If something happens to the abutment teeth (the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth, that had to be crowned), a more complicated and more costly dental reconstruction will have to be considered.

Compare that with the cost of a single implant with all the surgical placement, prosthetic parts and dental laboratory work included at $3,895. The upfront cost is evidently more. But the major advantage that it leaves the adjacent teeth untouched and not crowned (such as for a bridge) will greatly overcome the cost difference in the future. That’s because if an implant crown breaks or cracks, only that crown will need to be replaced vs if something is damaged in the bridge construction, the entire bridge will need to be replaced which would be far more expensive.

Tissue supported full lower denture versus implant overdenture

A lower denture will cost approximately $2,500. But most often, post-extractional 2 sets of dentures are needed, one for the healing and another one post healing. Add to that the cost of at least 2 reline procedures at about $500 each plus the numerous adjustment appointments and trips to the dentist needed. Even if done correctly, a denture will be uncomfortable and will not provide you the same level of stability and chewing efficiency as an implant supported denture. We currently offer the implant overdenture solution for $4,899


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