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Our Policy

Financial Arrangements –

Financial & Office Policies

Before we begin treatment, we will perform a complete diagnosis. Based on that, we will give you an estimate of the total charges for your dental treatment.  As we proceed with your treatment, we may encounter additional problems that were not apparent at the time of the initial examination.  In that event, we will fully discuss the problem with you, including the effects, if any, on your financial arrangements.  We will not proceed without your approval.

Financial Arrangements

It is our policy to receive payment in full at the time of service.  Since our primary goal is your utmost comfort, we offer you many ways to plan for your dental treatment. Our office works with the most insurance companies and will bill them as a courtesy to you. We offer a senior discount or a cash discount for payment in full the day of service. We also accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Extended Payment Plans

For our patients whom are interested in extending payment we offer a flexible, low or no interest financing plan through CareCredit.  With this service, upon approval, you are able to start you treatment immediately, enjoy low monthly payments, finance up to 100% of the treatment cost and choose several payment options.   You may use this plan for the whole family for ongoing treatment without reapplying. Please call our office for more information on how you may apply yourself, online, over the phone or here in our office.  The process is very simple and only takes a few minutes.

Dental Insurance

We ask that you bring your form, ID card, or other documentation with your portion filled out. Please be aware that your insurance coverage is an agreement between you and your insurance carrier and you are responsible for ALL fees. We have NO control over what is NOT covered. Lack of coverage only means that some procedure is not a benefit of the plan, and has NOTHING to do with whether or not you need the treatment.  Complaints regarding your coverage should be directed to your employer and insurance company. If for some reason your insurance has not paid their estimated benefit within 45 days of the time of service, we will expect your payment in full for the balance.

Appointment Policy

Most dental treatment requires a series of appointments with specific amounts of time between them to allow us to complete your dental treatment to the high standards that we constantly strive to achieve.  Once your appointment schedule is determined, it is then coordinated with the dental lab as necessary in order to achieve a smooth progression of your dental treatment.  Changing dates of your appointments in turn affects the laboratory schedule of your treatment, and in this event we may not be able to complete your treatment by a specific date.

Should you need to change a scheduled appointment, we would appreciate the courtesy of being informed a MINIMUM of 48 hours in advance.  If your appointment is for a half or full day, we request 4 working days notice.  No charge will be made for rescheduling an appointment with the required 48 hour notice.  Otherwise, there will be a minimum charge of $75.00 per hour missed.  Once an appointment has been made, please remember that it has been reserved specifically for you.


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