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Implant overdentures

The traditional denture consists of a full set of teeth mounted in pink acrylic (denture base). The base rides on the gingival tissue (ridge). It presents disadvantages, mainly that chewing forces are transmitted to the gums, that causes pain and instability of the denture. Also with time, constant pressure on the bone surface causes bone atrophy and ridge resorbtion. That, in turn makes the denture less fit to the gums, even more unstable and uncomfortable to wear. Fortunately, all of these inconveniences can be eliminated by constructing a denture over implants (overdenture). Dental implants placed in strategical positions, have special attachments that retain a denture in place. They usually involve 4 to 8 implants, a bar connecting the denture or special male-female attachments that make the denture “clip” on the implants. Stability and chewing ability is greatly improved. Also the process of bone resorbtion stops, as chewing forces are transmitted in a different way through the implants.Implant overdentures can greatly improve the quality of life for a patient in need of dentures. Alex Denes, DDS, PhD

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