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Dr. Alex Denes is fully trained, skilled and certified to provide oral conscious sedation. This technique helps patients who might otherwise avoid the dentist, be able to receive the dental care they need for a healthy smile, which is very important for a healthy body. Sedation allows for more treatment to be completed in a single visit, rather than requiring a patient to return again and again. In addition to sedation dentistry, Dr. Alex Denes enjoys restoring patients’ smiles with implant dentistry and perform full mouth reconstructions. His area of interest includes CAD-CAM dentistry, cone beam CT scans interpretation, treatment planning and digital fabrication of surgical guides for complex cases.


Nicolas Ravon, DDS, MSD

The next generation of dental excellence and personal care is available now in Fresno. Beverly Hills, CA, long known as home to the finest in everything, is now home to Nicolas A. Ravon DDS MSD, the finest in periodontal care.

Periodontist Dr. Ravon combines the latest advances in European and American dental science and technique to provide a level of one-to-one, personalized, dental health care unmatched in Beverly Hills or anywhere else.

Dr. Nicolas Ravon is among the first periodontists in the country to offer 100% metal free dental implants. Using a ceramic root, this dental implant gives the same results, without metal. This is good news for those with metal sensitivity or who want the absolute best cosmetic result.

Whether your goal is cosmetic improvement, restoring your smile with a gum graft, or complete dental restoration, Dr. Ravon’s extensive training and exceptional expertise as a periodontist deliver superior results in even the most challenging cases — all in a comfortable and soothing environment that will have you feeling right at home.


Claudia Denes, DDS

Dr.Claudia Denes is a member of our team. She graduated in 1994 and she is experienced in the most advanced cosmetic and reconstructive treatments in dentistry. Her prior practice in Marina del Rey, Los Angeles and Valencia, CA as well as attending some of the most prestigious continuing education seminars have enabled her to provide her patients the most predictable and outstanding treatment results. Such an experience makes her a reputable cosmetic dentist in Fresno. Being passionate about photography and nature, Dr.Claudia Denes possesses the necessary clinical and artistic skills to create a rejuvenated and youthful smile.



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