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Placement of a Dental Implant

The restorative dental implant
treatment starts by surgically embedding a base within the jawbone
to which an implant is placed. Implants are able to sustain one or
more absent teeth or be utilized to offer additional support for
lower arch dentures, while
improving both individual comfort and self-confidence. The full
procedure to place implants will sometimes take upwards of 9 months
to accomplish.

This type of treatment alternative is not suggested for everybody as
there is some amount of risk involved in such a complicated
treatment. Additional situations that prevent clients from taking
advantage of this treatment might involve some pre-existing medical conditions or poor
individual finances. Good
candidates for an implant must have the requisite bone structure
desired to support the embedded base.

The surgical area will be prepped during the opening phase of the
implant procedure. During which an implant cylinder is placed into
the receptor site. Then a sterile surgical screw, is often composed
of titanium alloys thanks to its compatibility with bone and oral
tissues, is placed within the receptor.

The soft tissue must then be closed up around the implant and left
to heal for around a couple of weeks. However, the bone could need
somewhere from 3 months to 6 months to fully heal and integrate with
the implant.

As soon as the jawbone and tissues have healed entirely, stage 2 of
the treatment can begin with the extraction of the soft tissue from
the surgical area, revealing the sealing screw. A connector pillar
is then screwed into the embed that now protrudes above the gum
line. The surgical site will need another 2 weeks to allow the
adjoining tissues time to repair while the prosthetic tooth is being built. Lastly, the
prosthetic will need to be inserted onto the posts. This new lasting
dental restoration will
supply both full performance and enhanced cosmetic appeal.

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