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Sedation vs sleep dentistry

Sleep dentistry and sedation dentistry are two entirely different approaches to having a relaxed and painless experience while at your local dentist office. No one likes or enjoys even the thought of having dental work done. The mere thoughts often cause the bravest of adults to avoid making that appointment.

Sleep dentistry is quite literally what it says; you are asleep while your dental work is being performed. Sedation dentistry is where you are actually awake but you are relaxed to a state of euphoria and feel absolutely no pain or discomfort during the dental work being performed.

Personally, being totally out with sleep dentistry is my preferred method. Do whatever is required and wake me when you’re done. While both have their advantages, make sure your dentist has the highest of recommendations. Using anesthesia is serious and being properly trained with this method of sedation is very critical to a dentist’s procedures.

With the business of dentistry being more focused on customer care and awareness today, you will find that most dentists are offering sleep or sedation dentistry advertising to encourage consumers to choose their services.

Administering sleep dentistry procedures is a complete comatose result, where as sedation dentistry leaves the patient awake and can be applied through inhalation of what most people know as laughing gas, oral sedation by ingesting pills, or by intravenous sedation.

It is always important to your health and a safe practice of your dentist to have an assistant on hand as an extra pair of eyes, ears, and awareness should complications arise. Especially, with the use of the sleep dentistry method. Anytime a person is under general anesthesia, the possibility of complications increases and having a trained staff available is vital to a safe operation.

Today’s modern dentist offices are a mental and visual stimulating experience. With running water, music, and other mood setting arrangements, the visit to your local dentist have changed significantly over past decades of trips to the dentist office. Sleep dentistry almost seems self defeating once you see how much has gone into the whole dentist office experience. It’s a shame you would want to sleep through the dental experience.

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