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Brushing up your teeth knowledge

At some stage in our lives, we all have them, under the nose and above
the chin, but then do we really know everything we should about them?
Below is some things we have to know about our teeth. There are
different kinds of teeth because each one serves a different function.
The teeth that grow in the front are your incisors. Not only the
sharpest, these are also used to shovel food in. Canine teeth grow near
the corner of the mouth. These function well in tearing and grasping
food and their distinct characteristic are their long roots. Premolars
are the ones situated behind the canines and the ones that crush food
with their flat surfaces. Molars are the teeth with flat big surfaces
and are way bigger than the premolars. Grinding the food into bits is
what they are tasked to do.

The crown of a tooth as well as its root define the composition of a
tooth. Right under the gum line is the root which constitutes 66 percent
of the tooth’s length while the crown is what you see once you open your
mouth. Each tooth is made up of four different tissues. The enamel
protects teeth from the wear and tear caused by chewing as it is a
durable coating. The yellowish bone-like matter that contains nerve
fibers and supports the enamel is the dentin. The pulp contains the
blood, lymph vessels and nerves and is also at the very center of the

The one responsible for sending messages to the brain is known as the
pulp, which also makes sure that the tooth gets enough nutrition. The
cementum functions as connector of the tooth to the jaw line as well as
the one that covers it thoroughly. The periodontal ligament is situated
between the cementum and jawbone while it connects it and cushions the

While you know that braces work wonders for the teeth, do you exactly
know how it takes effect? Apart from a good appearance, straight teeth
is also important in proper chewing and talking. Unnatural spaces and
crocked teeth are difficult to clean and are more likely to develop
cavities. Discomfort and pain arise when the teeth are crooked and
affects the jaw lines.

Employing orthodontic treatments braces and retainers are good ways of
correcting this. In time, orthodontic treatments work effectively in
straightening our the misaligned teeth especially ones that have moved
from where their place is. Every single bracket is connected by a wire
that runs through the braced teeth, while the bonding attaches the
bracket to the tooth.

These days, many patients with orthodontic needs can get braces that are
transparent and can attach to the back of the teeth. Since the days of
old, braces have now come a very long way.And after they are removed,
the patient will have to use retainers. Using retainers which are custom
made teeth appliances help keep teeth in their new straight positions.
Minor orthodontic issues can be corrected by them. Beauty and health are
what healthy, straight teeth often achieve. Knowing all you need to know
on teeth health will truly help you stay healthy and give you a lot of
things to be happy about.

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