Fresno Dentists Challenge You to a Quiz on Dental Implants

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Dental ImplantsIf you are missing teeth, you may benefit from educating yourself on some of the various pros and cons between traditional dentures and dental implants. Our blog has discussed both in the past, and we want to see if you’ve been paying attention. Fresno dentists, Dr. Alex and Claudia Denes, would like to challenge you to a quiz on dentures and dental implants.


Q1. True or false – Dental implants consist of porcelain teeth being surgically embedded into your gum tissue.

Q2. True or false – Traditional dentures can become loose over time.

Q3. True or false – Dental implants are just as sturdy as natural teeth.

Q4. True or false – George Washington wore wooden dentures.


A1. FALSE – Not quite. Dental implants begin with titanium posts which are inserted directly into your jawbone. These biocompatible fixtures create an attachment point for a variety of prosthetic tooth options (including porcelain). Dental implants offer a combination of cosmetic and restorative functionality.

A2. TRUE – Your body relies on the presence of teeth roots to provide a beacon for minerals and nutrients. When teeth are missing, jawbone density can diminish. Dentures might provide the appearance of teeth, but they aren’t fooling your body. As your bone density begins to deteriorate, your dentures will become ill-fitting and require adjustment.

A3. TRUE – Among the advantages of dental implants is how strong and convenient they are. You can rest assured that you won’t need to limit your dietary choices with any fear of denture slipping. Implants can be brushed just like regular teeth, so there will be no need for removal, special cleaning agents, and sticky pastes or gels.

A4. FALSE – This is a commonly believed urban legend, but it turns out that George Washington’s false teeth were a complex prosthetic dental apparatus made from a combination of ivory, gold, lead, animal and human teeth.

Dental Implants Offered by Fresno Dentists

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