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Tracing the Origins of Your Dental Fear


Some people believe that dentists are only in case your tooth hurts, or if you miss some plaque during your daily oral hygiene routine. After 48 hours, plaque hardens into tartar and requires professional dental equipment, and the trained hands of a talented hygienist, to remove. Many people, however, refuse to see their dentist out of fear, rather than misconception. Regardless of your reasons, neglecting necessary, or even routine, dental visits can have catastrophic consequences for your oral health. While you cannot simply make your apprehension disappear, understanding your dental fear may help you overcome it and begin taking proper care of your teeth and gums. Fresno dentists Dr. Alex Denes and Dr. Claudia Denes examine one study that suggests dental fear is often emotionally transmitted from parent to child, and offer services to make your dental visit as pleasant and relaxing as possible for you.

Study Says: Blame Your Parents

Researchers from the Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid, who sought to trace the origins of dental fear cases, fathers who feared the dentist were more likely to pass their fear to their children. In the study, mothers also exhibited fear, but the results indicate that they are also influenced by their husbands, suggesting that fathers play a dominant role in transmitting the phobia amongst family members. People often fear the dentist due to a specific experience, such as feeling uncomfortable with the lack of control, fearing the unknown, or a particularly bad dental visit that left them traumatized. Surveys conducted by the authors of the study revealed that, typically, patients were more scared before treatment, such as root canal therapy or wisdom tooth extraction, than they were during the procedure.

Overcoming Dental Fear in Fresno

Knowing that your fear stems from a source other than yourself is not an automatic cure for anxiety, but it may help you fight the fear when treatment is necessary. For patients who require some assistance with their apprehension, we offer various forms of sedation dentistry that can help you relax and remain calm. To learn more, or to schedule a dental consultation, contact your Fresno dentists by calling Fresno Dental Studio at (559) 297-1800. Located in the 93720 area, we proudly serve patients from Fresno, Clovis, Mendota, Orange Cove, Reedley, Selma, and the surrounding areas.

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