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Dental patients who lost their teeth in earlier times had to settle with dentures or bridges to close the gaps. Speaking or eating gets hard when the appliances become loose. These also do not aid in preventing bone loss in the gap where there was a tooth because they have been put on top of the gum line rather than helping the remaining jaw. A good solution is available today. Dental implants would replace one or more fallen teeth to create a lasting replacement along the jaw and gum line.

Dental implants are being used for nearly 20 years now and the first implant cases are still enjoying the benefit of the method. Like dentures the replacements do not loosen up as the replacements are held on directly to your jawbone. The replacements can not harm the surrounding fit teeth in the wrong way like the bridges do. Dental implants develop into a lasting solution in the mouth as it allows patients to have an active lifestyle in the long time.

The teeth may be lost due to many factors. You might have one or more extracted due to gum disease. Root canal failure or tooth decay can also be faced by you. In some cases, the tooth loss is due to a trauma, such as a direct hit to the mouth. Several people have tooth loss due to inborn faults. Dental implants are helpful in case of tooth loss regardless of the cause of it.

People of all ages could get a dental implant. One or more teeth can be replaced by using this treatment. The implants are utilized to fasten an enduring bridge without fearing it would get less stable with the decay of the remaining teeth. The bridges and dentures need a change once in 7 to 15 years but the dental implants never need a replacement. These are considered a lasting fitting in the mouth which could be everlasting.

The dental implants have three divisions. Titanium implant is the first part and it combines with the jawbone. Abutment is the second part which sets over the top part of the implant to provide space for the crown to stick on. The last section is the crown that is created to seem like the rest of the teeth for a stable natural look. After all the parts are effectively put in place the dental implant is believed to be completed.

During the start of the procedure the implant is placed in the open space. The process just needs one session at the clinic of the dentist or oral surgeon to be completed. A period known as osseointegration takes place after the implant is done. In this time period the implant fuses with the jawbone to convert into a lifelong fitting in the mouth. Osseointegration mostly takes almost three to six months to finish and during this phase the remaining implantation procedure could be done.

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