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30 seconds toothbrush

The 30 Second Smile Toothbrush is a new toothbrush that is created to
help you brush your tooth better. It features six micro-brush heads
that encompass your teeth and instantly cleanses the top, base, the
front, backside and biting surfaces, all at the same time.

The main reason this toothbrush is known as 30 Second Smile is because
utilizing it for only thirty seconds is like cleansing 3 minutes with a
single headed toothbrush. This toothbrush cleanses all areas of the
teeth simultaneously, therefore it completes the task in a fraction of
the time.

The revolutionary technique used guarantees you would not miss any
spots when cleansing your teeth. You have a exact cleaning each time in
order to help you maintain your teeth.

The 30 seconds toothbrush automatically cleans your teeth based on
the ideal method by both dentists and periodontists. This is called the
Bass brushing technique.

The Bass technique is named after Dr. Charles Bass whom discovered the
optimal way for cleansing the tooth. It involves having the bristles of
the toothbrush tightly applied into outer side of the lower tooth, at
an angle of roughly forty five degrees straight into the crevices along
with the spaces in between the tooth.

Short forwards and backwards stroke motions of the toothbrush is
required to be used so that you can efficiently dislodge foreign
material. For the upper tooth the bristles of the toothbrush are
applied in the same method.

The 30 Second Smile Toothbrush was invented and designed according to
that principal. It automatically aligns the bristles of the toothbrush
at the ideal forty five degree angle for powering away plaque and
cleansing your tooth.

The construction of the 30 Second Smile ensures that the micro-brushes
is at the appropriate angle and nearly impossible to make a mistake
while using it. It may be safely used by children and actually is a
better way for kids to being be cleansing their teeth.

Often children tend not to cleanse their tooth properly and miss over
certain areas. Those that don’t like brushing their tooth may hurry the
job and have portions of their teeth uncleaned but because the 30
Second Smile tootbrush only does take about 30 seconds in order to get
the task done and not minutes, it’s not a problem for moms and dads.

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