Questions to Ask Your Implant Dentist

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“We’re going to need to extract the tooth.” It’s news no one ever wants to hear from the dentist. Your mind starts racing with what this means and how it will affect your smile. While many dentists will try and save a tooth through conservative methods, sometimes an extraction is inevitable if the tooth is severely decayed or damaged. The good news is there are a wide variety of tooth replacement options.

If you have recently experienced tooth loss and have narrowed down your options to dental implants, the search begins for a good implant dentist to perform your procedure. This decision should not be taken lightly or based solely on cost. Below are a few questions we have put together that can help you in selecting a qualified implant dentist.

Implant dentist Dr. Denes is fully trained and certified to provide sedation dentistry and implant dentistry for patients interested in restoring their smiles. To schedule your private implant dentist consultation at our Fresno, CA office, please contact us online or call 559-297-1294.

What is Your Experience Level?

Not all implant dentists are created equal. When meeting with the potential implant dentist, ask about their educational background and training, and how long they have been performing dental implants. This will give you a better understanding on their experience level and the type of care they can provide.

How Often Do You Perform Dental Implant Surgery?

The answer to this question will help you decipher whether the implant dentist performs dental implant surgery a few times a month or hundreds of times a year. Someone less experienced may not deliver optimal results and can increase your risk for complications.

Do You Participate in Continuing Education?

Implant dentistry is continually progressing and you want to make sure the implant dentist you are interviewing places priority on staying up to date with the latest techniques. One of the ways dentists can do this is through attending continuing education courses each year. An implant dentist who actively pursues this type of extended training indicates he or she is passionate about providing excellence in implant care.

What is Your Success Rate?

Although dental implants are a proven tooth replacement solution and have an overall high success rate of 98 percent, outcomes are dependent on a variety of factors, including the placement location and the implant dentist. As with any medical procedure, complications can arise. A seasoned implant specialist will have a higher success rate and high patient satisfaction rating. This communicates they study each patient individually and value the intricate process of dental implant placement to ensure positive outcomes.

Do You Use the Latest Dental Technology?

Advanced implant dentistry technologies offer faster diagnoses and provide effective treatment planning and results. Dr. Denes uses the Gendex CBCT 500

Scanner (cone beam computer tomography) and Planmeca Planscan intraoral scanner to plan patient surgeries. Together, these technologies work together to create a 3D model of the jaw and surgical guide to ensure precise dental implant placement.

What Brand of Dental Implants Do You Use?

There are a variety of dental implants available, but not all brands are created equal. You want to make sure your implant dentist uses only implants from reputable companies who have a proven track record. Dr. Denes works with some of the best brands in the implant industry, including Nobel Active, Straumann, and BlueSkyBio.

Meet Your Implant Dentist

We invite you to schedule a consultation with implant dentist Dr. Denes today at our Fresno, CA practice by calling 559-297-1294 or contacting us online.

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