What Is Virtual Dental Treatment Planning?

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virtual dental treatment planningRather than guessing on the ideal location for dental implants, Fresno, CA dentist Dr. Claudia Denes uses virtual dental treatment planning. Implants are surgically placed into strong, viable jawbone through a small incision in the gums. Custom-made restorations are affixed to the dental posts to form a secure attachment. Crowns, crown and bridges, and dentures are possible devices that can be attached to implants to replace missing teeth.

Virtual dental treatment planning allows patients a quicker recovery time after surgery. Dr. Denes begins the treatment planning process by capturing a cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) scan. From this image, Dr. Denes is able to determine the precise placement of the implants for optimal results and minimal discomfort.

To learn more about dental implants and CBCT scans, call 559-297-1294 to speak with a friendly staff member. A consultation with Dr. Denes in Fresno, CA is the first step in beginning your virtual dental treatment planning.

What’s a CBCT Scan?

Generally, dentists take multiple x-ray images to determine the ideal position of implants. This method exposes patients to a large level of radiation and is time consuming. Traditional and digital radiographs aren’t as detailed as CBCT scans.

A single CBCT scan depicts a 3D image of the entire craniofacial region. The scan shows nerve paths, soft tissues, bone, sinus cavities, and many other dental structures. Some patients fear the large radiation level that is emitted from the CBCT machine. However, the amount of radiation generated from a single scan is far less than that of multiple x-rays.

Dr. Denes uses a CBCT scan to show the distinctive facial features of each patient. This scan allows her to customize each treatment plan to meet the needs of every unique patient.

Virtual Dental Treatment Planning

Dr. Denes uses virtual dental treatment planning to create a plan that is tailored to your needs. The 3D scan measures the dimensions of your jawbone so that dental implants are placed in an ideal spot in the bone. By eliminating the guessing factor of treatment planning, Dr. Denes provides patients with increases accuracy and minimal swelling post surgery. She’s designs a virtual dental treatment plan that will offer the patient optimal comfort during the procedure and a shorter recovery time.

A CBCT scan allows Dr. Denes the ability to visualize multiple views of the craniofacial region. At your consultation, she will collect your full medical and dental history, as well as identify what type of restoration is needed. She considers bone strength and structure when creating the ideal treatment plan for you.

Benefits of Virtual Dental Treatment Planning

Perhaps the greatest benefit of virtual dental treatment planning is the high success rate. Because guessing is taken out of the equation, Dr. Denes is able to produce the most beneficial results for each patient. While the CBCT scan is minimally invasive, dental implant surgery is not. Therefore, it’s crucial that all factors are considered when designing a successful treatment plan.

Another benefit of virtual dental treatment planning is that implant placement is uniquely created for each patient. Dr. Denes realizes that each patient’s needs are different, which means no two plans are the same.

Many patients are reluctant to invest in virtual dental treatment planning because it requires additional costs. However, virtual planning allows Dr. Denes to determine the exact location of your implants. This means your success rates are increased because of virtual dental treatment planning.

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